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Harvey and 97l

By: weatherh98, 12:56 PM GMT on August 20, 2011

Good morning all, I came to write a new blog to get off of the blog. But it appears tto me that in the last few frames of the satelitte image, a eye is starting to form which may indicate that the winds are getting up towards 70 m/h. Last night a very large hot tower began to weeken while another one formed which might have been the storm restructuring and strengthening... We won't kknow until the next update on that one though.

97L appears to be going through an intensification stage and big thunderstorms are forming all over the storm which is probably the reason that the nhc increassed the chance of development but, the mid level circulation still must work its way down to the surface. I feel that the track will probably go up towards florida and making a landfall near cape canaveral before continuing on into georgia and the carolinas possibly as a hurricane.

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By: weatherh98, 11:19 PM GMT on August 19, 2011

Could harvey become a hurricane?? I think possibly with the pressures getting low and winds higher I think its a possibility. I would like to see some of the data reports from the hurricane hunters, It seems to me there is a weekness on the eastcoast and florida, which could bring 97l into florida depending on what the texas ridge does.

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