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My thoughts on Tropical Storm Debby

By: wolftribe2009, 4:32 PM GMT on June 24, 2012

TS Debby getting her act together. IR Satellite was showing the cloud tops cooling earlier but new Visible Satellite showing the storm in the process of strengthening. Bands of thunderstorms wrapping around the western side of the circulation now which is something that hasn't been happening throughout her lifespan thus far. We could have a hurricane maybe as early as tonight.

Tornadoes are an issue for the Florida as Watches are already out over the area. Last night NOAA was forecasting landfall towards Texas but has shifted up near New Orleans. I had consistently stated that the storm is headed for a landfall somewhere in the area of Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. Some of the time there was not even a model in the area but you learn to trust your instinct. I still think we might be looking at a landfall around Mobile Alabama but probably just west of there.

An Upper Level Low over the Western Gulf has nearly been entirely ignored by forecasters who are more focused on the Ridge of High Pressure and the Trough in the east. I have stated that the ULL moves to the southwest and Debby circles around it towards Louisiana and the Panhandle of Florida. There is still a chance that Debby parallels the Louisiana coast and hits Texas but this scenario would not be in the best interest for a lot of people. Lets hope she doesn't do that.

I'll Update a bit later on.


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