Weather for Anten Mills Ontario Canada

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Anten, Turkey 0 34 °F Light Snow Showers 96%  in SE at 1 mph 1:30 PM +0330
Anten, Sweden 1Potential disruption due to snow and ice from 12AM CET WED until 3:55AM CET SAT 28 °F Clear 80% 30.01 in South at 5 mph 10:50 AM CET
Anten, Germany 0 39 °F Scattered Clouds 81% 30.24 in South at 9 mph 11:20 AM CET

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Tornado Warning Tornado Warning
Tornado Watch Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch
High Wind Advisory High Wind Advisory
Flood Warning Flood Warning
Flood Watch / Flood Statement Flood Watch / Flood Statement
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